NFL 2017 Week 2 Predictions – Zoltar Really Likes the Ravens, Raiders, and Seahawks

Zoltar is my NFL prediction computer program. Here are Zoltar’s predictions for week 2 of the 2017 NFL season:

Zoltar:      texans  by    0  dog =     bengals    Vegas:     bengals  by    4
Zoltar:    steelers  by    6  dog =     vikings    Vegas:    steelers  by    7
Zoltar:       colts  by    4  dog =   cardinals    Vegas:   cardinals  by  7.5
Zoltar:  buccaneers  by   10  dog =       bears    Vegas:  buccaneers  by  6.5
Zoltar:      ravens  by   11  dog =      browns    Vegas:      ravens  by  7.5
Zoltar:      chiefs  by    7  dog =      eagles    Vegas:      chiefs  by  4.5
Zoltar:    panthers  by    1  dog =       bills    Vegas:    panthers  by  7.5
Zoltar:    patriots  by    4  dog =      saints    Vegas:    patriots  by  4.5
Zoltar:      titans  by    0  dog =     jaguars    Vegas:      titans  by  1.5
Zoltar:    dolphins  by    2  dog =    chargers    Vegas:    chargers  by    4
Zoltar:     raiders  by   11  dog =        jets    Vegas:     raiders  by 13.5
Zoltar:     cowboys  by    0  dog =     broncos    Vegas:     cowboys  by    2
Zoltar:    seahawks  by   11  dog = fortyniners    Vegas:    seahawks  by   13
Zoltar:    redskins  by    0  dog =        rams    Vegas:        rams  by  2.5
Zoltar:     falcons  by    4  dog =     packers    Vegas:     falcons  by  2.5
Zoltar:      giants  by    4  dog =       lions    Vegas:      giants  by    5

Zoltar theoretically suggests betting when the Vegas line is more than 3.0 points different from Zoltar’s prediction. For week 2 Zoltar has six hypothetical suggestions. But the first few weeks are a lot of guesswork by both Zoltar and Las Vegas.

1. Zoltar likes the Vegas underdog Texans against the Bengals. Zoltar thinks the two teams are evenly matched but Vegas says the Bengals will win by 4.0 points, so Zoltar thinks the Bengals won’t cover the spread.

2. Zoltar likes the Vegas underdog Colts against the Cardinals. Vegas has the Cardinals as a huge 7.5 point favorites, but Zoltar (inexplicably) thinks the Colts will win by 4 points. I suspect there is a key injury involved — I haven’t checked yet.

3. Zoltar likes the Vegas favorite Buccaneers against the Bears. Zoltar thinks the Buccs will crush the Bears by 10 points but Vegas says the Buccs will win, but only by 6.5 points.

4. Zoltar likes the Vegas favorite Ravens against the hapless Browns. Vegas believes that the Ravens will win by 6.5 points, but Zoltar thinks the Ravens will annihilate the Browns and win by 11 points.

5. Zoltar likes the Vegas underdog Bills against the Carolina Panthers. Zoltar believes the Panthers are 1 point better than the Bills, but Vegas has the Panthers as 7.5 point favorites. Therefore Zoltar believes the Panthers will win but they won’t cover the spread.

6. Zoltar likes the Vegas underdog Dolphins against the LA Chargers. Zoltar thinks the Dolphins will actually win by 2 points, but Vegas has the Chargers as 4.0 point favorites.


Week #1 was good news, bad news for Zoltar. The bad news was that Zoltar was a terrible 1-3 against the spread (with one game still to be decided, because the Dolphins-Buccaneers game has been postponed due to one of the hurricanes).

The good news is that, just predicting which teams will win (not against the spread), Zoltar went a very good 11-4 (again, with one game pending). Week #1 was difficult to predict for many systems. I track Bing/Cortana, and that system went a so-so 8-7 when just predicting the winner. Many other published predictions were even worse. And the Las Vegas line was an OK-but-not-great 9-6 for predicting winners.

Zoltar seeks truth

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  1. Andrew Luck is out for the Colts so I may pass on that tip!

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