Decision Tree Classification

I’m not a big fan of decision tree classification. Although decision trees have a couple of advantages over neural network classifiers (simplicity, somewhat able to interpret), decision trees rarely work as well as neural networks, at least on the types of problems I deal with.

Here’s an example of a decision tree for the well-known Iris Dataset, using the scikit-learn library.


import numpy as np 
from sklearn import datasets 
from sklearn import tree 

def show_iris_tree(tree):
  # tree-interpretation-decision-rules-python.html 
  left = tree.tree_.children_left 
  right = tree.tree_.children_right 
  thresh = tree.tree_.threshold 
  features = ['sepal-len', 'sepal-len', 'sepal-wid', 'sepal-wid',
   'petal-len', 'petal-len', 'petal-wid', 'petal-wid']
  value = tree.tree_.value 

  def process(left, right, thresh, features, node, depth=0): 
    indent = "  " * depth 
    if (thresh[node] != -2): 
      print(indent, end="")
      print("if ( %s <= %0.4f ) {" % (features[node],\
      if left[node] != -1: 
        process(left, right, thresh, features, left[node],\
        print( indent,"} else {" ) 
        if right[node] != -1: 
          process(left, right, thresh, features, right[node],\
        print( indent,"}" )
      print( indent,"return " + str(value[node]) )

  process(left, right, thresh, features, 0) 

# ==============================================================

print("\nBegin Iris decision tree example \n")

print("Loading iris data into memory \n")
iris = datasets.load_iris() 
X = 
y = 

print("Creating decision tree max_depth=3")
tr = tree.DecisionTreeClassifier(max_depth=3), y)


print("\nEnd decision tree demo ")

So, no real moral to the story, just a little investigation during my lunch break.

“Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun” (1889), Vincent Van Gogh

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