The 2018 Big Data Innovation Summit

I will be attending and speaking at the Big Data Innovation Summit, July 17-18, 2018, in Las Vegas. This should be a very interesting event, and it’s an event you might want to consider attending. Let me explain.

A UK-based media company called Innovation Enterprise (IE) was founded in 2009. They put on a series of conferences (but they call them summits) on all kinds of technology topics, and in many different cities, for a wide range of audiences. For example, “Chief Innovation Officer Summit” in Singapore and “Data Visualization Summit” in Boston. Over the years I spoke at a handful of these events and always got good value. See

One way in which the IE events were different from most others I speak at, is that the IE events were very broad. The approach seemed sort of, “Throw a bunch of smart people and interesting speakers together, and good things will happen.” And good things did happen — good connections, and so on.

But I think the IE company was recently purchased by a New York based company called Argyle. See I haven’t worked with Argyle before but they seem to want to focus the summits a bit more. But I won’t be entirely sure until I go to the Big Data Innovation Summit and get a feel for the event.

A couple of photos from the 2017 Big Data Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.

My bottom line is that I’ve always enjoyed the IE summits and I’m curious about the possibly new approach. Conferences have changed a lot of the past 10 years. Realistically, you can get almost any factual content on the Web/Internet. But there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction. That’s where ideas emerge and business gets done.

Check out the Big Data event Web site at If you decide it’s something that you want to explore, the event organizers told me you can get a $200 discount on the two-day pass by using the code “James200”. And if you go, be sure to look me up!

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