The 2019 Visual Studio Live! Conference is Coming to Las Vegas

Visual Studio Live! is one of my top three favorite conferences for software developers who use Microsoft technologies. You should consider the possibility of attending. The event runs March 3-8, 2019 and will be at Bally’s Hotel in Las Vegas. See

From the main VS Live! Web site.

OK, so why am I promoting this event? Do I get a kickback of some sort? No. I recommend VS Live! because I think it’s a good event. OK, but what do I mean by that?

Here’s a picture of the conference lobby area from last year’s event in Vegas. The VS Live! events tend to be a bit smaller than other conferences which allows more interaction among attendees and speakers. My Windows Phone (I think I was one of about 17 people who still had one in 2018) camera had a cracked lens. I have a new phone now. I miss my old phone!

First of all, conferences like this are expensive. But VS Live! delivers good value for the money in my opinion. It’s usually not feasible to pay for such an event out of pocket, but many companies will fund your attendance as part of training. The conference Web site has a Sell Your Boss page at

The second reason I recommend VS Live! is somewhat subjective. The people who run the conference, Brent and Danielle, are good people. By that I mean I can vouch for their character and integrity. And one of my few guiding principles in life is to associate with good people and good things will happen. I think this will be the 26th year for VS Live! which is amazing and a testament to the event’s quality.

The third reason I recommend VS Live! is a bit vague. Whenever I go to VS Live! I gain all kinds of practical technical information that I can put to use in my job. But additionally, I always pick up interesting and useful semi-technical information, such as trends, in ad hoc impromptu conversations with other attendees. And when I return to work, I do so with renewed energy and enthusiasm. And I know I’m more productive.

Last year I gave a talk about Azure Machine Learning Studio. My same cracked lens.

Finally, the March 2019 conference is in Las Vegas! A truly fascinating city if you like mathematics, psychology, marketing, or people-watching.

In addition to regular technical talks, there are other events such as panel discussions and lunch birds-of-a-feather gatherings. Someone else took the photo for me.

The VS Live! people sent me a message that said if you use a special code of SPKLV24, you can get a $400 discount from the 5-day or 6-pay package. That’s sounds like a good deal.

In the end, only you can decide if VS Live! makes sense for you. So, check out the Web site and look the agenda over. By the way, there are multiple VS Live! events in different cities, including Dallas, New Orleans, Boston, Redmond, San Diego, Chicago, and Orlando, so if you can’t make it to Vegas, maybe you can go to a different event. See

Yesterday, my friend Kent told me about a “secret” bar he visited recently in Las Vegas. There’s a regular bar called the Commonwealth in the Downtown Fremont Street area. But there’s also a small hidden speakeasy style bar named The Laundry Room inside the Commonwealth. Left and center: the Commonwealth. Right: The Laundry Room.

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