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I Give a Talk “Introduction to Deep Neural Networks”

I gave a talk titled “Introduction to Deep Neural Networks” recently. The goal was to give the audience of engineers the information they needed to understand what types of problems can be solved using a DNN, and what tools and … Continue reading

Posted in Machine Learning, Conferences | 2 Comments and Microsoft Talk Sports Technology ( is a Seattle-based Web site and is quite well-known in the Pacific Northwest. The site posts all kinds of interesting, tech-related stories. I had read a few sports-tech related articles written by a reporter, Taylor Soper. So, … Continue reading

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Machine Learning for Sports Prediction

Ever since my college days, I’ve been interested in using machine learning for sports prediction. However, among my research and engineering colleagues, I don’t run into very many people who share that interest. About a year ago, I became acquainted … Continue reading

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“AI for Everyone” at the 2017 Microsoft MLADS Conference

The 2017 Microsoft Machine Learning, Analytics, and Data Science (MLADS) conference was held from Wednesday, June 7 through Friday, June 9, on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. MLADS is an internal event open only to employees. There were about … Continue reading

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The Secret Hotel in Las Vegas

Many of the technical conferences I speak at are in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is perfect for a conference — huge hotels that can accommodate an entire event (as opposed to scattering attendees all over a city), easy to get … Continue reading

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Research on Sports Statistics and Prediction

I’ve always been interested in machine learning predictions for sports. In particular I enjoy creating prediction systems for the National Football League games and American college NCAA basketball games. But there doesn’t seem to be very much in the way … Continue reading

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Recap of the 2017 Interop ITX Conference

I spoke at 2017 Interop ITX Conference which ran from May 15 – 19 in Las Vegas. See I estimate there were about 3,000 attendees. Most of the attendees I spoke to were fairly senior managers at all kinds … Continue reading

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