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Machine Learning and eSports

I know what eSports are but I don’t fully understand all of the nuances. I’ve always been a big fan of games, but only classical games like chess and poker. I’ve only ever played video games a handful of times … Continue reading

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Loading a Jagged Numeric Matrix From Text File Using Python

I had an interesting little sub-problem the other day. I wanted to read a text file of numbers into a jagged matrix. Suppose you have a text file where each line has the same number of values: 10 11 12 … Continue reading

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Implementing Beta Distribution Sampling Using C#

The Beta distribution is used in many math and machine learning scenarios. Most people are familiar with the Normal (Gaussian, bell-shaped) distribution. A Normal distribution is characterized by two parameters, the mean and standard deviation. Different values of the two … Continue reading

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Calculating a Beta-Binomial Probability Value Using C#

A few days ago, a work colleague, Clifford D., pointed me to an excellent video he made about the Beta-Binomial distribution. (Unfortunately, as far as I know, the video is not publicly available). The regular Binomial distribution can answer questions … Continue reading

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Creating a Windows 10 Virtual Machine Using Hyper-V Manager

About once every four to six months I have to create a Windows 10 Virtual Machine. And every time, I’ve forgotten the tricky steps and it takes me a couple of hours of futzing around. I figured I’d record my … Continue reading

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A C#.NET Core Program with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Command Line

The .NET Framework was released in February 2002 and was a big step forward in technology. The .NET Framework is a huge system with many components that allow developers to write and run programs (console applications, ASP.NET Web applications, Windows … Continue reading

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Fancy Printing a NumPy Array

I’ve been writing computer programs for many years. Early on I noticed that I enjoy coding algorithms but I don’t enjoy coding user interfaces. My idea of an elegant user interface is a shell command. I was working with Python … Continue reading

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