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Visiting N Rooms at Least Once

In a recent blog post, I described an algorithm that involved 10 rooms in a sultan’s harem. A mathematician had to visit each room. I wondered how many moves would be required, on average, for the mathematician to visit all … Continue reading

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Another Look at Microsoft Azure Functions

One of the ways I keep up with the blazing pace of new developments in technology is by doing technical reviews of journal articles (such as those in Microsoft MSDN Magazine) and technical books (such as the series of free … Continue reading

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The Sultan’s Harem, Magic Parrot, and the Mathematician

Here’s an old problem. A mathematician is in a harem with 10 rooms. Each room has a different number of girls in it. The mathematician is blindfolded but has a magic parrot that knows probability. The mathematician needs to estimate … Continue reading

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Chess Tricky Checkmate in One Move Positions

Here are my two favorite chess checkmate-in-one-move positions. Checkmate in one move? How hard can it be? All you have to do is try every possible move, right? Maybe. White to move. The first position is an artificial composition by … Continue reading

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Quick Generation of a Combination Element Using the Combinadic with Python

A combination is a subset of n items taken k at a time. For example, if n = 5 and k = 3, the possible combination elements are: 0: [0 1 2] 1: [0 1 3] 2: [0 1 4] … Continue reading

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Why I Prefer Virtual Machines over Docker Containers

First, let me immediately say that the title of this blog post is almost click-bait. I do prefer virtual machines to Docker containers but this is due almost entirely to what I use VMs and containers for. Briefly, a virtual … Continue reading

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Printing Serialized Matrices

When I’m writing code, I often run into mini-problems that are somewhat interesting, even if they’re not important in the overall scheme of things. I was working with neural networks. A 4-5-3 NN (4 input nodes, 5 hidden nodes, 3 … Continue reading

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