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Three Interesting Signs

I enjoy Las Vegas – for anyone who likes psychology, sociology, and mathematics, Las Vegas has all kinds of interesting weirdness. Here are three images from a recent trip. I was staying at the Planet Hollywood hotel. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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The Worst UI I’ve Seen in Quite Some Time

I’m usually not too critical of user interface designs because I usually just don’t care. But today I saw a UI on a Web page that was pretty hilarious. (Click on the image below to enlarge). Check out the instructions … Continue reading

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The MySQL Workbench Program

Several years ago I was a regular user of the MySQL open source database system. It was relatively simple (at least compared to the beast systems from Microsoft and Oracle) and was well suited for lightweight database needs. Although MySQL … Continue reading

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Installing MySQL on Windows 10

One of my work machines running Windows 10 is relatively new (I imaged it a few weeks ago). I’m slowly putting software onto the machine. Today I installed the MySQL database. The bottom line: the installation program is relatively quick … Continue reading

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A Brief Look at the Eclipse Neon Tool

I use several different programming languages. Most of my programming is done in C# but I use a lot of Java too. Like many things, it’s important to practice a programming language or you can get stale. It had been … Continue reading

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Installing PHP on Windows 10 and IIS

I’ve always liked PHP for creating dynamic Web pages. I find PHP to be much simpler than ASP.NET for some kinds of Web sites. However, installing PHP on a Windows machine has always been kind of a pain in the … Continue reading

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Workforce Diversity in Tech Companies

The other day, my news feed popped up an article that referenced one on titled “Facebook’s Hiring Process Hinders its Efforts to Create a Diverse Workforce”. See Because I work in a tech environment and I’ve helped my … Continue reading

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