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The Akka.NET Framework

I was taking a deep look at the Akka.NET framework recently. See The Akka.NET framework is an open source library of C# language code intended to help developers to create distributed, asynchronous systems. My exploration made me realize how … Continue reading

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Visual Studio Supports Python

Visual Studio now directly supports the Python language. Bottom line: Very nice! Visual Studio is a complex tool that’s used to write programs for Windows systems. The current version is VS2017. The main languages supported by VS2017 are C# and … Continue reading

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My “Bing Maps V8” e-Book is Published

I wrote an e-book titled “Bing Maps V8”. You can get a free PDF copy of the book at You will have to register an email address, but the publisher, Syncfusion, is very restrained in the marketing. In fact, … Continue reading

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New C# v7 Features in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio is the tool I use to do a lot of my developer work. VS 2017 was released on March 31, 2017 — probably a much better idea than releasing it the next day. VS 2017 contains a new … Continue reading

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Deal and Reveal Blackjack Again

Many of the technical conferences I speak at are in Las Vegas. Vegas is a great town for conferences because, well, the town is basically designed to accommodate thousands of people. Hotel rates in Vegas are very reasonable, air travel … Continue reading

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Why is Microsoft Involved in Gaming?

One of my older friends asked me why Microsoft is involved with Xbox gaming. I didn’t really know even though I had a few ideas (see below), so I figured I’d search the Internet to see what Microsoft’s officially stated … Continue reading

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One of my Favorite Logic Puzzles

Here’s one of my favorite logic puzzles. Two friends, a programmer and a mathematician, get together for drinks after work one day at the programmer’s house. The mathematician asks the programmer how his three children are doing. The programmer replies … Continue reading

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