Category Archives: Miscellaneous and Microsoft Talk Sports Technology ( is a Seattle-based Web site and is quite well-known in the Pacific Northwest. The site posts all kinds of interesting, tech-related stories. I had read a few sports-tech related articles written by a reporter, Taylor Soper. So, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Chess Tournament of All Time

I haven’t played an actual game of chess in many years, but I used to love to play chess in high school, when I had a lot of time. I still follow chess, mostly via the excellent In June … Continue reading

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Microservices – Move Along, Nothing New Here

Technology is subject to fads, fashions, and buzzword-of-the-day just like most other things. Recently, a colleague of mine asked me for my opinion of microservices. It took me a moment to diplomatically answer along the lines of, “A microservice is … Continue reading

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Buster Blackjack

Most of the technical conferences I speak at are in Las Vegas. One of the things I love about Las Vegas is the constant innovation — every trip I see new restaurants, new kinds of entertainment, and new games. When … Continue reading

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My All-Time Favorite Math / Geometry Puzzle

This past weekend I took a walk from my home to the local supermarket, just to get some exercise. When I got there, I headed over to the magazine rack and saw a collection of puzzles. As I browsed the … Continue reading

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Bingo Pinball Machines

I love old electro-mechanical devices. Years ago my college roommate Ed and I enjoyed playing “bingo pinball machines” that were manufactured in the 1950s. The machine’s top screen has a 5 by 5 bingo-like grid with the numbers 1-25 in … Continue reading

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I Visit the 2017 Game Manufacturer’s Association Trade Show

While I was speaking at a software developer conference in March 2017 in Las Vegas, I noticed that at the same hotel (Bally’s) there was the Game Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) Trade Show. I was intrigued so I walked to that … Continue reading

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