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Bingo Pinball Machines

I love old electro-mechanical devices. Years ago my college roommate Ed and I enjoyed playing “bingo pinball machines” that were manufactured in the 1950s. The machine’s top screen has a 5 by 5 bingo-like grid with the numbers 1-25 in … Continue reading

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I Visit the 2017 Game Manufacturer’s Association Trade Show

While I was speaking at a software developer conference in March 2017 in Las Vegas, I noticed that at the same hotel (Bally’s) there was the Game Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) Trade Show. I was intrigued so I walked to that … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source database system that works with JSON style documents (as opposed to traditional SQL databases with rows and columns). I hadn’t worked with MongoDB for quite a long time, so I thought I’d take the latest … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with all the JavaScript Frameworks?

I don’t create Web applications as often as I code backend algorithms. I’m constantly amused by the Web world and its constant chaos. In my mind, Web development falls into six categories based on technology used: ASP.NET, PHP, raw HTML … Continue reading

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A First Look at Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio (VS) is the most common tool used by software developers who use Microsoft technologies. The most recent version, VS 2017, was released a few days ago. Because I use VS a lot, I figured I’d better check out … Continue reading

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The Go Language – I’m Undecided

I was looking at the Go programming Language. Go was designed in part by the famous Ken Thompson (co-creator of the C language) so that alone got my attention. After experimenting with Go for several hours, I have mixed opinions. … Continue reading

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Three Interesting Signs

I enjoy Las Vegas – for anyone who likes psychology, sociology, and mathematics, Las Vegas has all kinds of interesting weirdness. Here are three images from a recent trip. I was staying at the Planet Hollywood hotel. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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