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Deal and Reveal Blackjack Again

Many of the technical conferences I speak at are in Las Vegas. Vegas is a great town for conferences because, well, the town is basically designed to accommodate thousands of people. Hotel rates in Vegas are very reasonable, air travel … Continue reading

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Why is Microsoft Involved in Gaming?

One of my older friends asked me why Microsoft is involved with Xbox gaming. I didn’t really know even though I had a few ideas (see below), so I figured I’d search the Internet to see what Microsoft’s officially stated … Continue reading

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One of my Favorite Logic Puzzles

Here’s one of my favorite logic puzzles. Two friends, a programmer and a mathematician, get together for drinks after work one day at the programmer’s house. The mathematician asks the programmer how his three children are doing. The programmer replies … Continue reading

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I Entertain Myself with Mathematics at the Supermarket

Like many engineers, I sit on my backside for hours and hours every day. It’s a real challenge to get any exercise at all. On weekends, if the weather is nice (which doesn’t happen all that often in the Seattle … Continue reading

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The Educational Achievement Gap, Race, Correlation, and Causation

I recently read a news source that was talking about education in the United States. In particular, it showed a graph that illustrated the mathematics achievement gap between white and black students. The article stated that there is an approximately … Continue reading

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The Greatest Chess Tournament of All Time

I haven’t played an actual game of chess in many years, but I used to love to play chess in high school, when I had a lot of time. I still follow chess, mostly via the excellent In June … Continue reading

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