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Displaying a Grayscale Image Using Excel Cells

I was walking my two dogs in the rain one weekend, when for some reason a thought popped into my head. Would it be possible to display a grayscale image in Excel, where each cell represents a pixel? A couple … Continue reading

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I Like the Idea of Local Functions But I Don’t Use Them

The C# programming language supports local functions where you can define a helper function inside a function that calls the helper, as opposed to the normal approach which is to just define the two functions separately. The idea of local … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About API Design

I work on both sides of APIs. Mostly I consume and use APIs written by other people, such as the PyTorch library for deep neural networks, the .NET Core framework for many tasks, and the scikit-learn library for machine learning … Continue reading

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Converting a String Matrix to an Integer Matrix – Curiously Difficult

Every now and then a programming problem comes along that’s extremely simple in concept, but implementation is surprisingly difficult. As part of a project I was working on I needed to convert a matrix of string values to a matrix … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at the Blazor Framework

The Web software development insanity continues its seemingly never-ending quest to generate an infinite number of new frameworks. I looked at Blazor recently. As briefly as possible, Blazor is a framework to create single page Web applications using C# instead … Continue reading

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Computing the Inverse of a Matrix Using Minors, Cofactors, and the Adjugate

The Wikipedia entry on inverting matrices lists 10 categories of techniques, and each category has dozens of variations. One of the simplest approaches is to use cofactors and the adjugate (aka adjoint). “Simplest” is relative — inverting a matrix is … Continue reading

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The Difference Between a Code Library and a Framework

What is the difference between a code library and a code framework? Answer: The question really doesn’t make any sense because a “library” and a “framework” can mean whatever you want. There are no formal definitions of the two terms. … Continue reading

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