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My Top Ten Favorite Science Fiction Movies Set on an Island

I enjoy science fiction movies that are set in an isolated environment, such as an Arctic outpost, because the confined location forces writers and directors and actors to be creative. Here are my favorite science fiction films that take place … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Favorite Fantasy Movie Villains

One of my three favorite movie genres is fantasy films. In many cases, the presence of a good villain is a key factor in my appreciation of a film. Here are my top 10 favorite villains in fantasy films. Note: … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Favorite Movies Set on Trains

I like movies that take place mostly a train. The limited amount of room that is available forces directors, writers, and actors to be clever and creative. Here are my top 10 favorites. 1. Murder on the Orient Express (1974) … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Favorite Early Alien Invasion Movies

Like many geeks, I’m a big fan of science fiction movies. There are a huge number of sci-fi films that feature alien invasion. For example, “Independence Day” (1996) seems like it’s shown on TV every weekend. But I’m particularly fond … Continue reading

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A Recap of Science Fiction Movies of 2017

Now that 2017 is well over, I’ve had a chance to see most of the year’s main science fiction films. It was an OK, but not great, year for science fiction. Here are my top ten science fiction films from … Continue reading

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I Love Signs

Whenever I go walking, I like to read every sign I come across. Here are eight more-or-less random things I observed over the past few days. 1. Guaranteed Meat – I saw this package of meat at the Safeway store … Continue reading

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My Top Ten Favorite Chinese-American Fantasy Movies

Most of my blog posts are purely technical, but every now and then I post something different. Like this post about my favorite movies that combine Chinese mythology, American characters and culture, martial arts, and fantasy. Let me be the … Continue reading

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