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I Visit the 2017 Game Manufacturer’s Association Trade Show

While I was speaking at a software developer conference in March 2017 in Las Vegas, I noticed that at the same hotel (Bally’s) there was the Game Manufacturer’s Association (GAMA) Trade Show. I was intrigued so I walked to that … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source database system that works with JSON style documents (as opposed to traditional SQL databases with rows and columns). I hadn’t worked with MongoDB for quite a long time, so I thought I’d take the latest … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with all the JavaScript Frameworks?

I don’t create Web applications as often as I code backend algorithms. I’m constantly amused by the Web world and its constant chaos. In my mind, Web development falls into six categories based on technology used: ASP.NET, PHP, raw HTML … Continue reading

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Recap of the 2017 Visual Studio Live Conference

I spoke at the 2017 Visual Studio Live Conference. The event ran from March 13 – 17, in Las Vegas (Bally’s). VS Live is a conference for software developers who use Microsoft technologies, and it’s one of my favorite conferences. … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Neural Network L2 Regularization

Regularization is a standard technique used in neural network training. The most common form of regularization is called L2. The idea is to add the sum of squared (the “2” in “L2”) weight values to the error term during training. … Continue reading

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Experimenting with Neural Network Dropout

Whenever I read about some sort of technology, no matter how clear the explanation is, I never feel that I fully understand the topic unless I can code a demo program. This is probably a character strength and weakness of … Continue reading

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Factor Analysis using R

I wrote an article in the March 2017 issue of Visual Studio Magazine titled “Revealing Secrets with R and Factor Analysis”. See Factor Analysis is a classical statistics technique that analyzes data to determine if some set of observed … Continue reading

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