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Naive Bayes Classification Example Using the scikit Library

Naive Bayes classification is a classical machine learning technique. It is best used when the predictor variables are all non-numeric. Naive Bayes works for both binary classification and multi-class classification. And naive Bayes works well when you don’t have very … Continue reading

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Binary Classification Using a scikit Decision Tree

I hadn’t looked at using a decision tree from the scikit-learn (scikit for short) library for several months, so I figured to do an example. Before I go any further: I am not a big fan of decision trees and … Continue reading

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Revisiting Binary Classification Using scikit Logistic Regression

It had been a while since I looked at logistic regression using the scikit-learn (scikit or sklearn for short) machine learning library. Like any kind of skill, it’s important to stay in practice. I used one of my standard datasets … Continue reading

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