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Two Ways to Deal with the Derivative of the ReLU Function

I gave a talk about the back-propagation algorithm recently. Back-propagation is used to train a neural network. Consider a math equation like y = 5X1 + 7X2 so the equation has two inputs, X1 and X2, and two constants, 5 … Continue reading

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I Give a Talk “Introduction to Deep Neural Networks”

I gave a talk titled “Introduction to Deep Neural Networks” recently. The goal was to give the audience of engineers the information they needed to understand what types of problems can be solved using a DNN, and what tools and … Continue reading

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Neural Network Glorot Initialization

You’d think that initializing the weights and biases in a neural network wouldn’t be very difficult or interesting. No so. The simplest way to initialize weights and biases is to set them to small (perhaps -0.01 to +0.01) uniform random … Continue reading

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Neural Network Back-Propagation using Python

I wrote an article titled “Neural Network Back-Propagation using Python” in the June 2017 issue of Visual Studio Magazine. See I strongly believe that when working with machine learning, even if you’re using a tool such as Weka or … Continue reading

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Machine Learning for Sports Prediction

Ever since my college days, I’ve been interested in using machine learning for sports prediction. However, among my research and engineering colleagues, I don’t run into very many people who share that interest. About a year ago, I became acquainted … Continue reading

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Long Short-Term Memory Network using CNTK 2.0

The Microsoft CNTK v 2.0 is a code library for deep neural networks. The library is written in C++ but you use CNTK by writing a Python program that calls into the CNTK functions. I took a look at the … Continue reading

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“R Programming Succinctly” – Free e-Book

A book I wrote, “R Programming Succinctly” was published on June 5, 2017. See The R language is, arguably, the default, open source language for Data Science. My e-book describes how to write R language programs, as opposed to … Continue reading

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